The closest observation possible without the footprint.

The TD100 UAV platform is based upon a proven conventional layout with high wing and t-tail configuration, and provides a flexible and stable base platform for a wide variety of mission specific modifications. The aircraft provides consistent performance and operation characteristics over a wide range of payload, power plants, fuel systems, operating environments, sensor and data recording equipment and mission profiles. Using state of the art structural and aerodynamic design components, the TD100 can achieve superior performance over a wide range of operating conditions.

Leading in its own category the TD100 UAV’s have several advantages, including:

  • Advanced structural and aerodynamic design yields performance characteristics equal to or exceeding that of all other comparable UAVs in its weight class.
  • Aircraft design is focused on key criteria and critical flight systems such as: weight, dimensions, range, payload, rapid mission specific re-engineering and manufacturing, modularity of interchangeable mounting systems for payload, sensors and data collection systems.


  • Reliable performance you and your equipment can depend on; our electric and wankel engine versions have little or no vibration to get quality data you need, when you need it, without compromise.
  • Multi-fuel engine – flight time in excess of 25 hours – extended range and speed.
  • Fuel efficiency allows for a much lighter carbon footprint; only requires 0.4 litre of fuel per hour plus electronic option available.
  • Remote piloting is safer. No risk of pilot fatigue, even for long or at-night missions.
  • Low altitude flights enable closer range, more accurate imaging capabilities; missions can be carried out as low as 300 ft.
  • Launch and recovery systems allow the TD100 to be used in remote areas lacking smooth landing areas
  • Our UAV platform is modular by design which lends itself extremely well to interchangeable propulsion systems.
  • Magnetometer surveys, Weather surveying, High resolution video/imagery (infra-red, hyperspectral, etc.).

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Platforms and solutions can be viewed in your Internet browser or downloaded as a PDF file for your convenience.

BFS-Metrological Measurement System

BFS TD 100 Class II UAV – UXO Advanced Airborne UXO Detection

BFS TD 100 Class II UAV – ASW CAE - Magnetic Anomaly Detection

BFS UAV System for Forest Fire Detection

UAV System

BFS TD 100 Class II UAV – DMS Professional UAV Mapping System

BFS Class II UAV – Meteorological Measurement System

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